Ebert Construction - Construction Management

August 25, 2017
When looking for a company to assist with construction management, one wants to find a company that they can trust to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively. One has always heard or experienced horror stories regarding construction projects and management. Ebert Construction is a commercial general contracting, construction management and real estate services company located in Minnesota. They have been family owned and operated since their opening in 1968. They have completed projects that entail building, remodeling, restoring, and converting. They have done this kind of work and more on hundreds of commercial buildings making them an experienced company that you can trust with your next project.

In addition to their self-performing concrete, selective demolition, and carpentry divisions, Ebert Construction also offer construction management services and real estate planning services. Their portfolio includes projects that take place throughout Minnesota.

When partnering with Ebert Construction, you will quickly discover that their team is deeply committed to delivering quality service and craftsmanship. And not just a high level of quality, but also services completed on time and within the set out budget. They strive to earn your satisfaction during all project phases. Let them help assist in your next commercial general contracting, construction management, or real estate services needs in the Minnesota area. Trust Ebert Construction to bring your commercial project visions to reality, efficiently and effectively.

Getting the Full Treatment from Ebert Construction

May 21, 2017
While Ebert Construction has become known primarily as a Minnesota commercial general contractor in Minnesota, that is basically selling them short. They do a whole lot more than erect buildings and other structure. In addition to building it, they also offer real estate services, which means they can help obtain the property and they can help sell it once it’s built, and they also serve clients as a construction management company, as well.

A family-owned business that was established nearly a half century ago, in 1968, it can be said that Ebert Construction has built, remodeled, converted or restored hundreds of commercial building in their time. And they offer a full range of services to each and every client, including carpentry, masonry and concrete services, as well. This lessens the need for numerous sub-contractors and it gives them more control over the entire process. When Ebert Construction says they are a full-service construction company, they mean it, in every sense of the term. They do it all, and they do it well.

Ebert Construction extends real estate services

February 27, 2017
Beyond its strong reputation as a family-owned and -operated construction business in Minnesota, Ebert Construction added real estate services to its portfolio offerings in recent years. This addition helps maximize consulting assistance commercial individuals can gain from expert staff at Ebert who have worked within the industry for several decades -- staff who work in-depth with commercial builds regularly and can help assess land and lots for site builds in the process of real estate purchases. A dedicated Vice President of Real Estate and Development at Ebert Construction, as well as other staff, work toward a wide range of commercial real estate services as an extension of the company’s commercial general contracting and construction work.

General brokerage services are provided, allowing for marketing properties for sale or lease as well as analyzing market opportunities, negotiating transactions, developing properties and preparing documents. Ebert also conducts tenant representation during any processes of acquiring facilities through lease or purchase. They extend research, analysis and planning for making smart decisions, including any historical transactions, economic trends, market analysis or other planning work. Strategic planning services are offered within the real estate sector to ensure alignment with business and financial objectives. And in conjunction with other Ebert Construction services, property development is offered, allowing for a one-stop-shop and assistance with estimating, feasibility, project management, engineering and more.

Planning Services from Ebert Construction

November 10, 2016
Ebert Construction is a company that is prepared to assist you with more than just construction, they are experts in strategic planning services as well. Let them help you to develop effective long-range strategies for your real estate activities and identify significant real estate opportunities utilizing their experience and knowledge. They can help you analyze and integrate strategic initiatives that align with your unique business and financial objectives.

They are also equipped to assist with research, analysis and planning for you as an individual or company. Research, analysis, and planning are fundamental to all aspects of commercial real estate and by pooling their core team member’s knowledge and expertise, they are able to advise with excellence. Each of the Ebert Construction team members is an authority in their respective market areas and they are able to help you fully anticipate and comprehend real-estate trends in order to better plan and implement real-estate objectives. This will also allow you to arm your business with critical data that you can use to make smarter decisions including utilizing historical transactions and ownership records as well as leasing and occupancy statistics, product availability, and economic trends and indicators.

In addition to these planning services and analytics and research, Ebert Construction also specializes in commercial general contracting and construction management. They pride themselves in being able to evaluate, assemble and lead a team of construction professionals to meet your project’s individual needs. Their project managers, job superintendents and subcontractors work intricately with one another as well as with you, the customer, in order to balance even the most complex designs, tight schedules and limited budgets.